“Sir, that suitcase won’t fit in the overhead bin, so you will need to check it in.”

“But, ma’am that guy has a bigger bag than mine.”

“Sir, I can’t tell you about the other guy’s bag, but I know that yours is too big.”

“This isn’t fair!”

“You are correct, this is an airline.”

And, that’s the way it is. Airlines have rules upon rules, but little consistency in applying them. So, it’s our job to offer you choice.

Briggs & Riley is a luggage company of the highest standards. They are the only company offering a lifetime warranty on every product they sell that covers any damage possible. Briggs & Riley also understands that there are different bags for different travelers, as well as those different rules. As to their rolling carry-on bags, they offer 20 different rolling carry-on bags to fill those different needs.

Why 20 bags? Because we all don’t travel alike. There are rolling tote bags, rolling garment bags, rolling international carry-ons, rolling domestic carryon’s, and more. Some have 2 wheels and some have 4 wheels. Some are hard-sided and others are soft-sided. So, how do we help you decide which is best for you?

The number one item that is the back-bone of the industry is their Baseline Domestic Carry-on. This is a rock solid bag, with their famous “outsider” handle system, fantastic wheels, an incredible expansion system, and so much more. Similar in size for people wanting spinner wheels, rather than 2 wheels, is the Domestic Carry-on Spinner. This bag also gives you maximum space and more, but adds the convenience of the 4 wheels. Why would you want one or the other? Well, that’s why Suitcases & More is here for!

We are also here to explain why you might want a smaller suitcase, due to the rules of many international airlines, rather than taking the maximum size. Did you know that many airlines have very strict requirements on the size AND weight of carry-ons? Deciding on the color of your suitcase is also a choice between the normal black or something different. Why might you want certain features of the suitcases to fit the way you pack is also important. Briggs & Riley has so many options, but Suitcases & More narrows them down to what is best for you.

Will this tote bag fit under my seat? Well, maybe, but it depends on what seat and which plane, as there are no standards for that. An airline will tell you a size, but that doesn’t mean that it applies to the seat you are in. So, we might encourage you to look at a Briggs & Riley tote bag without wheels, since you can attach this bag conveniently to your rolling suitcase. Most of Briggs’ products somehow attach to each other, making your traveling life so much easier.

But with our wisdom, we can help you find the right bag for the way you travel. If you have a large build, we might suggest one bag, or if you have a tiny build, we might offer another. If you travel internationally, our suggestions may change and if you travel on commuter planes, we may also offer a different choice.

With all the color choices and different styles, Briggs & Riley offers those 20 carry-on bags, along with over 180 options of other bags. We would be honored to open your eyes to Briggs & Riley and bring you into their incredible family.